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Choccy DT Coordinator

Hi everyone. I'm Choccy ( Oona ) or ( Chocolate Orange) . I live in Nottingham UK and am a proud mum to 3 boys.I am an even prouder Grandma ( noonie ) to one of the sweetest little boys, who is just 2.. Not forgetting my furbaby. An Irish Staffordshire Terrier who is mummies sweetheart. He often can be found helping me pick papers or helping spread glitter and glue with a very waggly tail.

 I found cardmaking in 2009 after trying to find a new hobby.
Having gone from working to having a disability and needed some stimulation. As I was having an onset of 'mushy' brain LOL. Being part of this fabulous community is one of the best things I have ever done. I have made some very good friends,that have made a big impact on my every day life....

I originally wanted to start scrapbooking but found card making on the way and havent looked back since. Although i do occasionally dabble with a new 'to me' craft...

I became DT co ordinator here at StitchyBear Digi Outlet in September 2011 and must say I am still loving it... I work with such a fantastic team of girls and have made so many friends during my time here.

My 'day' job is working in a stationers that sells craft items too... Yes !!! its very dangerous lol.. I get the stash goodies before the public. Often I can be found saying ' One for me, one for the shop' Whilst putting out the deliveries LOL.
I am lucky to be able to do all the craft demo days for the store I work at too :O)
If I am not there I can be found working at a Bridal store or even up to my elbows in glitter and card stock for my other love. My Stampin Up business.

There isn't many people that can say they 'love' their jobs.. But I am mega lucky and LOVE all of mine.

Choccy xxx

Nataliya DT Shining Editor

Hi, my name is Nataliya. I'm originally from Ukraine, but have been living in Canada for over 10 years. I live with my Husband and two beautiful kids, who like to craft with me. I like to cross stitch, crochet, work with beads.

In 2009 I started making cards, and OMG, I love it. I absolutely crazy over paper, stamps, glitter....., it's amazing what you can do with the paper, so i decided to have a blog. My dream was to be on design team. And what do you know?!?! My Dream come thrue!.

I am very, very proud DT member for Stitchy Bear Stamps. Absolutely honoured to work with a wonderful people. It's make my day. Thank you.
Hugs, Nataliya


Hello, I'm Josephine, and I'm a Scot who's been living in England for many years - just outside Greater London. I'm married, and have two sons (currently at university) and a daughter (still at school). I work with severely autistic children at a local special school.

I must admit, I didn't do any crafting as a child, but started knitting in my late teens, moving on to tapestry, then cross stitching and Hardanger embroidery. That got me into making cards, and after a while, I largely abandoned cloth and thread and moved over to paper. I've been blogging since the summer of 2009 after I discovered the online crafting community in blogland!

I joined the One Stitch at a Time DT in July 2010, and have been having fun working with some gorgeous digis, and combining digital and traditional techniques since then.

Mandy our sponsor coordinator
My name is Amanda Cruxton although I am known as Mandy or Made by Mandy in the crafty community. I am 41 years young and feel so lucky to be able to still love colouring in after all these years :) I have been with my husband for 24 years

I have been crafty ever since I could use children’s safety scissors! I have dabbled in quilting, dressmaking, crochet, knitting, embroidery, cross stitch and since November 2002 pretty much exclusively cardmaking after seeing a demo at the NEC. I have been blogging my cards since May of 2007. I love taking part in the challenges and the blogosphere is a constant source of inspiration.

My signature style is bright and colourful. I like to make unusual cards and adore using pretty papers. I’ve never been happy with the stamped images I produce so digi stamps have been an amazing way of improving my cardmaking skills. I love the flexibility of resizing and combining images. I can also experiment with different styles of images that I wouldn’t have purchased as a rubber stamp.

I love being on the team at OSAAT and feel very lucky to work alongside so many talented cardmakers and have the opportunity to work with such amazing images from the store.

Love Mandy xxx

I have crafted all my life. My mother involved us in making things for the home, clippy mats, chair covers, tea tray cloths and embroidered cushion covers amongst lots of other things and I loved it. My crafting continued throughout my married life with knitting, sewing, wooden toy making, rag dolls, dolls clothes, you name it and I’ve probably made it.

About ten years ago a young friend came to stay and she was ‘bored’ so I showed her how to make some cards, I used to make them on odd occasions when I was young but hadn’t carried on with them. I had so much fun showing her how to do certain techniques that I continued making them and stocked up on the all important ‘stash’.

I retired over six years ago and my card making has now taken priority over other crafts, mainly because it’s more relaxing. I sit in my craft room with BBC Radio 2 on and happily make cards for any occasion.

I started my blog in February and really enjoy ‘meeting’ new people every day. I got the chance of being on the design team of One Stitch at a Time and I was really keen. I’ve already started with my first card ‘Lady Jane’and have my next three cards all ready so you can tell I’m keen.

We have two sons and two daughters in law and they all look forward to receiving hand crafted cards for birthdays and any other occasion. I come from the North East of England and I'm a true Geordie!

My name is Nikki Byrne I am a mother of 2, Theo 6 and Jake 19 months. I am on an elongated maternity leave! and still haven't gone back to work.
I rely on my very supportive husband to support my very expensive hobby!. I have been crafting for years, but gave it up when my youngest was 6 months as my husband and I moved into a school as boarding parents.
I then restarted casually about 4 years ago and since my youngest was born I have been entering challenges as often as I can. I am now on 2 fabulous design teams. One stitch at a time and Gingerloft.
 I love to craft and make anything really, as it keeps me sane with only a 19month old in the house all day for company and a husband who is always working until gone 10 at night! although I love him to bits it does get a bit lonely in the evenings with no one to talk to!!

Jane  our stand in coordinater
 AKA Mimi in the crafting world

 I grew up in a family of crafters right back to my great grandmother and seem to have inherited the craft gene. I remember, even as a very young child, always being given craft kits for Christmas. I was always in trouble at boarding school for drawing and colouring during study time instead of doing my homework (well it was a lot more fun than learning French verbs you have got to admit).

I was born in Nigeria sometime during the last century and then moved to Zambia when I was 15. From there I moved with my folks to Kenya where I met my hubby and soul mate and we were married in 1980. We have two girls, one married and the other in the British Aramy, and a wonderful grandson. Hubby and I are now living in Saudi Arabia, on the east coast in a place called Abqaiq. Alan working full time and me part time as the New Hire Coordinator for residents on our camp. I say going to work is my social life :) Afternoons are spent in my craft room where I regain my sanity enabling me to cope with the busy outside world for small periods of time!!!!! I must admit, I would find life in general very difficult without crayons, paper and scissors close by, for me, there is something very special in being able to take a plain piece of card and watch it come to life during my play time. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 17 so life can be a bit of a struggle at times but the quite time spent in my craft room allows me to enter another world, a place I love to be in .


I'm a crafter living in Baltimore, Maryland, with my husband, a green iguana, and two unusually-large Miniature Schnauzers. I have a background in poetry and website & publication management, but these days I mostly make cards. I'm very lucky to have found the online creative community, and I just love visiting blogs by crafters around the world. Many thanks to StitchyBear/OSAAT for having me on the DT since February of 2012... it's still as much fun as ever!


I'm Ali - it's short for Alison but you'll find me popping up here and there on the internet always under the name Alipeeps. :)

I live in Yorkshire, in the North of England, with my husband of 9 years and my two little girls, aged 2 and 4. I've always been quite creative and used to do a lot of drawing but after leaving school I kind of got out of the habit. I got into papercrafting in 2004, initially through scrapbooking, and rediscovered my creative mojo in a big way! From scrapbooking I got into cardmaking and from there have also expanded into art journalling, ATCs, circle journals, mixed media projects, you name it! I got into rubber stamping in particular about 3 years ago and then found digi stamps. I still love rubber stamping but I also love the versatility of digi stamps - and the instant gratification of being able to buy and download straight away! I love playing with different styles and techniques, though my favourite method for colouring digi images is still my ever-expanding collection of Promarkers. :)

I've been blogging for around 5 years now and love sharing my work and visiting other people's blogs - so many lovely, friendly, incredibly creative people out there in the crafting world! And I'm thrilled to be able to work with a whole bunch of them on the OSAAT design team. :) I'm honooured to be on such a fabulous design team and to be able to work with all the amazing digi stamps from Stitchy Bear - now including my very own designs! :)

Hi, I am CraftyGirl (not my given name). I am originally from New Jersey but now live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with my loving husband for over 25 years. We have two basset hounds (Romeo & Juliet) and a black cat (Sir Die Hard). I think I was born crafting and come by it honestly since my Mom was the queen of crafts. She taught me most of what she knew and all of what I know about life and crafts. I love working with paper. My hobbies include: Card Making, origami, tea bag folding, beading, polymer clay, crocheting, ham radio, balloon animals and so much more.

I love being on the OSAAT team, the girls are wonderful and inspirational. Thank you Stitchy for giving me a chance and thank you to Choccy for being there whenever one of us needs her.


I'm an accountant working full time and a mother of 4 great kids. I have an amazing husband who understand that in order to keep my sanity through all this I need to craft ;) I live in Quebec, Canada, so a lot of my crafting is done with French sayings.
I have been crafting over 21 years and tried my hands at all kinds of techniques over the years. I started blogging in March of 2012 in order to join challenges. I became totally hooked!!!! I can't believe this world existed and I only found out about it then. I see blogging as a wonderful opportunity to improve my card making abilities.
I have realized that through the web I get to meet amazing people from all over the world and learn from them. I'm in awe of all the wonderful blogs that I see and I hope that one day my blog will be up to that level. I have had the opportunity to be on amazing team like OSAAT. What a pleasure to work with so many fabulous artists’ digis!

Hi, my name is Susan. I live in Georgia with my wonderful husband Kevin who is from Australia. We met years ago online and our friendship just grew. Now we are married and living happily with two of my three kids, Michael and Bailey. My third, Taylor, is living on campus at North Georgia University. She is finishing up her first year of college.

I started scrapbooking in 1994 after my first born. I found this awesome little shop in the middle of town with all of these embellishments and papers. I was hooked from the start. I stopped scrapbooking for about 6 years during a terrible first marriage. In 2011, I started picking it back up and bringing all of my supplies back inside. That is when I found blogging and card making and Copic LOL! It has been fantastic getting back to crafting and then finding a whole great world out there of bloggers that crafted! I haven't turned back since.

It is a joy being on the One Stitch At A Time Design Team. Just look at all the talent I get to work with!! I couldn't be more lucky! 


Hi! My name is Tracey and I live in Thunder Bay, nestled in amethyst country in Northern Ontario. I have been happily married to my high school sweetheart since 1985. We have 2 wonderful children; a son and daughter, as well as 2 glorious grand-children.
I first caught the scrapbooking bug in 2000 and have been hopelessly addicted to it ever since. I began making my own cards in 2007 and find it let's the recipient know just how special they are to me. I especially love to use flowers, ribbon and lace on all my paper crafts.
Hiya, I'm Sian. I am 29, married to Mark and have to boys Andrew (7) and Anthony (Tony 5). We live in Amesbury, Wiltshire (2 miles from Stonehenge). I started crafting about 7 years ago with my mum, but didn't do much, I then stopped until about 3 years ago. I started crafting again as my depression and anxiety started to get worse because my health is bad, I found that doing cards took my mind off things and helps me relax. I feel I am improving all the time and always willing to learn new things. My favorite thing that I dont think i could live without is my promarkers

Hi, everyone.  My name is Margaret “Maggie” Schoener.  I am originally from a small town of suburban Philadelphia, but I’ve been in Houston, Texas for over 40 years now.  I’m a single mom with 2 grown daughters and 4 awesome grandchildren, the oldest one who will be getting married in December.  I’m also “mom” to 4 furbabies who live in my house, Paisley, and Maggie Mae, Corey, and Casper who are the inspiration for my Stamp Haven and blog - Maggie’s Cat House.  I also have a few outside kitties that I love just as much and take care of.  

I started paper crafting way back about 1999 with scrapbooking but then one of my daughters introduced me to rubber stamping.  I love all things creative, but there’s only time for so much especially with a full time job and making cards took over my life. I love a challenge and have seen my style evolve over the years and have enjoyed learning so many different techniques.  My passion right now are Copic markers and I am a Certified Copic Deisgner.

I started my blog 2 years ago to showcase my cards. After entering many, many challenges, I realized a part of my dream which was to be on a Design Team.  I've been a DT member of The Perfect Sentiment since December 2011.  I'm very excited and honored to also be on the DT for One Stitch at a Time.
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